Airport City Manchester joins the new ‘100 Trees Club’ as part of City of Trees initiative

Airport City Manchester is the first member of the ‘100 Trees Club’, which has been launched to support charity City of Tree’s commitment to reinvigorating Greater Manchester’s landscape.

The 100 Trees Club is a corporate membership scheme for businesses across Greater Manchester to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and celebrate the importance of trees and woodlands.

Membership supports the wider aim of the City of Trees movement to plant 3 million trees in the city region within a generation - one for every man, woman and child who lives here.

Alongside their involvement, Airport City also planted its first collection of 100 new trees as part of a new collaboration with the City of Trees initiative. Planted alongside Enterprise Way, the new £15m link road, the new trees will grow to form a green area between homes on the edge of Wythenshawe and a boundary of the Airport City development.

The tree planting, which includes Birch, Alder and Hazel trees, was undertaken by local contractor, Wainwright Timber, and was completed earlier in the year outside of the bird nesting season. 

Tree planting at Airport City Manchester

This environmental project is part of Airport City’s Impact and Legacy Strategy, which will deliver long-lasting outcomes for the economy, local communities and the environment.

As one of the largest business destinations currently under development in the UK, Airport City has already seen the creation of 3,000 new jobs and attracted substantial investment across the 821,000 sq ft that has been developed so far. It is forecast that 11,400 new jobs will be created at Airport City in the next 10-15 years.

John McHugh, Head of Strategic & Commercial Marketing at Airport City Manchester, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with City of Trees to ensure that trees and other urban greening have an integral place at Airport City, benefiting occupiers and neighbours in terms of visual aesthetic and reducing noise and air pollution.

“It is also part of our Impact and Legacy commitment to inspire business operations from occupiers that have a low impact on the environment, which includes the use of technology and travel behaviours.”

Sian Day, City of Trees said: “It’s fantastic to have Airport City as our first member of the 100 Trees Club; helping to plant 100 trees, connect more people to nature and creating healthier, happier and more environmentally resilient communities.

“As a charity we rely on donations to continue our work and the 100 Trees Club is a great way for businesses to show their support.”


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