Airport City is a place where businesses can truly embrace a changing future. We believe work is something you do, not just somewhere you go.

Businesses today face a real challenge to keep up with changing technologies, customer demands, even employee expectations. Constant change really is the new normal. But here’s the thing: we believe the right workplace can play a massive part in helping businesses thrive in this new environment. Our mission at Airport City Manchester is to provide it.

We want to create a place that supports companies as their futures unfold, with tailored accommodation and access to talent, that gives the unique opportunity to grow, evolve and optimise their business.

More than that, a place to inspire businesses with what a workplace could be. Combining our understanding of occupiers’ requirements and what’s important to a new generation of the workforce to create workplace of tomorrow.

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Invest in your business’s future

The socio-economic implications of Airport City will be far reaching. It will deliver accelerated economic growth, as well as filling a crucial gap in the market where demand for quality and well connected business, manufacturing and logistics development is high.

We can help your business thrive

Our comprehensive concierge service is available exclusively to Airport City occupiers. Together with our expert partners – all leaders in their fields – we’ll provide help and advice on a range of business and lifestyle issues, tailored exactly to your requirements.

A place to embrace a changing future

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